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Doubled Overall Facebook Revenue in 15 Days & Sold Out 2X in Two Months

Industry: Personalised Gift

Services: Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Ad Creatives

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About the Brand

Picassify makes individual, hand-drawn caricatures from photos. They work with a team of 50 Austrian and international artists.

Caricatures are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, retirement, or simply to say thank you. Picassify exists to make people smile and bring joy to its customers.


Maximising revenue before Christmas while staying profitable.

Picassify launched in October 2020. Despite the popularity of their products, they needed a more efficient way to reach and connect with their potential customer base. The ultimate goal was to increase website traffic and maximise revenue via paid social before Christmas while staying profitable.

Staying profitable is already challenging enough, let alone launching right before the holiday season with no historical data when the market is dominated by a huge amount of eCommerce businesses. To succeed, Interactic Media needed to find and convert new customers during the most competitive season of the year.


The initial plan consisted of 3 steps.

→ 1. Launching Facebook Ads

First, our team at Interactic Media built and launched a Facebook ad campaign focused on acquiring new customers. With no historical data, the strategy centred on finding the right customers before Black Friday. 

In the copy of the ad campaigns, we leveraged Picassify’s best reviews, features and benefits as a way to create trust and encourage website visitors to make their first purchase.

Pro tip: Always find a customer review that answers all the concerns of a customer. For example, shipping time, quality of products, customer support.

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picassify email marketing example

→ 2. Capturing Email Addresses

Second, we placed a pop-up form on Picassify’s website to collect email addresses. It was shown to new customers who scrolled through 60% of the website for the first time. After signing up for the newsletter, subscribers were immediately sent an email with a 10% discount code (valid for 7 days) to encourage them to make their first purchase.

→ 3. Retargeting Website Visitors

Third, with one month’s data – approaching Black Friday – the goal was to retarget those who had engaged with the custom caricature store’s Facebook page or visited the website.

Utilising Facebook’s campaign budget optimisation (CBO) was essential to making Picassify’s spending as efficient as possible.

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday was not a big success (it was not the primary goal), the most crucial period for their success was yet to come.

After Cyber Monday, the best performing ad creatives were reproduced and tailored to be aligned with the holiday season. People became familiar with the brand, and sales began to increase. Finally, in December, we were able to convert two months of traffic into paying customers.

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What was the outcome?

Our eCommerce growth team pushed up ad spend as much as possible in December. As a result, we hit a 502% return on ad spend (ROAS) on Facebook. Picassify maintained profitable growth until they completely sold out and couldn’t take any new orders.

After Christmas, the work didn’t stop. Preparing for Valentine’s Day was the next step.

We launched new Facebook ad campaigns for Valentine’s day on January 19th. Besides implementing the same strategy, our eCommerce growth team wanted to create more engaging video ads about Picassify’s best caricatures made for couples.

Outcome? Doubled overall Facebook Ads revenue in 15 days.

thomas haunschmid ceo of picassify
“A perfect partner for our StartUp”

“With the help of Interactic Media, it was possible to turn a business idea into a solid business. Perfect support, great results and extensive monitoring of the campaigns characterize Interactic Media. Thank you very much for your support!”

Thomas Hauschmid
Owner & CEO at Picassify


By finding the right customers, driving them to the website and then retargeting them with Facebook ads, in four months, we achieved:

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Email Marketing ROI

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