Launched in Q4: Scaled up to maximum capacity before Christmas.

Industry: Accessories & Jewellery

Services: Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Facebook Ads, Content Creation

Namely was founded in the last quarter of 2019. The customisable jewellery brand specialises in name necklaces, bracelets and engravable pendant necklaces.

The Challange

Namely launched in the last quarter of 2019. Well known that Q4 is the busiest period for ecommerce businesses. Launching right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday seemed to be a big challenge for a new brand. Buying intent tends to drop right after BFCM.

The jewellery brand approached Interactic Media in November 2019. They had no historical data to make any predictions from. Calculating any targets for the following month (December) was not doable.

To start, the jewellery brand required its webshop to get optimised. IM suggested some important changes to offer a better shopping experience. Next, they needed to get a Facebook Pixel installed on their website to collect valuable data. Last but not least, they needed a strategy for growth to drive conversions.

The brand’s goal was to maximise the number of sales before Christmas. They also wanted to earn and not lose money to stay profitable.

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The Strategy

Winning for Namely meant finding the right target audience with the best offer from ground 0. On top of that, it needed to be in the shortest amount of time. Amidst increasing ad spend and building a customer base, the main focus was on profitability.

Namely had installed a Facebook pixel on its website for many reasons:
1. To track website visitors and add-to-cart actions. Later retarget them with ads, encouraging them to finish their orders.
2. To help Facebook find the most relevant audience in the shortest amount of time.

We were dealing with an “unseasoned” pixel. It means that there wasn’t enough data to create value-based Lookalike Audiences.

Thus, our media buying team tested audiences based on interests. The first two tested audiences were ‘Etsy’ and ‘Soufeel’.
We set up the first campaign with campaign budget optimisation and chose the ‘Lowest Cost’ bid strategy. We did not use cost caps at this stage because the Facebook Pixel still needed to soak in more data.

After setting up the first campaign, we faced a new challenge. Facebook didn’t allow us to increase the daily ad budget to our target because it was a new ad account. So even though ads were profitable from day 1, the goal was to quit the learning phase and stabilise results as soon as possible. However, not being able to increase the budget was an issue…

Alongside, our team at Interactic Media tested different ad formats and ad creatives to find out which resonates most with Namely’s target audience. We A/B tested different creative variations for Facebook and Instagram advertising to increase click-through-rate and efficiency.

Pro tip: Always track ‘Outbound clicks’ and ‘Outbound click-through rates’ instead of ‘link clicks’. Outbound clicks measure the number of clicks that lead people off Facebook-owned properties. In contrast, the link clicks show clicks on or off Facebook-owned properties.

We tested creatives from dynamic carousel and collection ads to 30-second videos. From the brand’s viewpoint, 15-30-second videos were essential to gain trust. They focused on the product’s main benefits and gained a ton of engagement. They also helped build social proof. For a newly launched jewellery brand, gaining trust was crucial at this point.


In remarketing, Namely’s messaging was focusing on Christmas gifting. Remarketing ads targeted people who visited the website, added to cart in the last 30 days but didn’t buy. We used dynamic product ads for higher efficiency. As a result, people saw ads of a product selection they already viewed or may like.

Seven days after launch, our media buyers were finally able to significantly increase daily budget, which allowed us to gain a lot of valuable data through the pixel.

While analysing all data, our growth team decided to test a broad (Male/Female 18-64) audience with a 2,500 HUF cost cap. It turned into one of the winner ad sets. As a result of our data-driven strategy, the jewellery brand was able to identify its best target audience. After finding the right audience, we kept increasing the daily budget as fast and high as possible. As a result, our eCommerce growth team was able to scale the daily budget up within 16 days from 0 HUF to 51,215 HUF by the 21st of December. Namely closed the last shipping day with a 366% return on ad spend.

Become the next success story

Double your revenue, earn profitably with a growth strategy built for your success and never be anxious about getting good results again.

The Results

Starting from zero, with no historical data, we scaled Namely up to maximum capacity within 16 days. Our profit-centred strategy helped Namely maintain an overall 274% return on ad spend in December.

Increase in
Ad Spend
+ 0 %
Return on Ad
Spend (ROAS)
0 %
Average Cost Per
Purchase (CPP)
“I’ve been a client of Interactic Media for over 3 months and I can say without a doubt that they are the best team to work with, they helped scale my jewellery business with a consistent 3x return on ad spend.”

“Since the day we started working together, they were very helpful and gave me valuable advice on how to improve my store and create highly-engaging content for social media. These guys are available 24/7 to talk if I have any questions or concerns, which is very impressing.

Now, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t require work to execute on their strategies. However, Interactic Media saved me from a lot of stress and headaches.”

Viktor F.
Owner & CEO at Namely

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