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We'll bring new and retain hard-earned customers.​

We enable eCommerce brands to grow and improve. We bring new customers through paid advertising and keep them with email and SMS marketing.​

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Paid Social Advertising

We design a paid social ads plan to find the best channels that combine best with your brand. We create highly-targeted Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok direct-response ads to grow your brand and attract new customers.

Google Advertising

We’ll capture more sales with a higher return with a mix of paid social and Google ads. Search, Performance Max, Display and YouTube … you name it. People are looking for your products. So we’ll put them in front of their eyes.

Email & SMS Marketing

As paid ads are getting more expensive, retaining customers has become highly important. Increase customer lifetime value (LTV) by capturing more qualified leads, nurturing hard-earned customers, and selling more to an engaged audience … profitably.

We achieve goals with our clients.

Check out some of our success stories.

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Tripled Monthly eCommerce Revenue in November with a 400% Advertising Return.

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Increase in Customer
Lifetime Value
0 %
60-Day Return
on Ad Spend (ROAS)
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Revenue from
Email Marketing

Doubled Overall Facebook Revenue in 15 Days & Two Total Sellouts

Launched After Black Friday & Total Inventory Sellout Before Christmas

148% Increase in Ecommerce Revenue in 2 Months

Why choose us?

True Growth Partners

We won’t make empty promises. On the contrary, we’ll be honest and tell you things you may not like for the first time. As a small agency, we only invest in a small selection of brands at a time. Are you looking for a “true” growth partner? Let’s chat!

Dedicated Account Strategist

Each client of Interactic Media gets direct access to a dedicated account strategist responsible for your media buying and answering your questions. Goodbye to unnecessary emailing with account managers.

Size Doesn't Matter

We are a small yet powerful DTC growth agency that made its clients a ton of money by mixing paid acquisition and retention. We are a small team of marketers, media buyers, copywriters and creatives obsessed with delivering excellent work. We also run our own DTC brands … profitably.

Let's Get in Touch

Let’s get in touch to find out how we could improve and grow your business.


Do you work with smaller brands with under $5K monthly revenue as well?

Never say never. We can be your best growth partner if you pass our qualification process and have the right resources to start.

How do I know I'm not a good fit?

You won't be a good fit if you like to micro-manage or second-guess the expert you hire.

How does your pricing work? Performance-based or flat-fee?

We offer very straightforward monthly flat fees or/and performance-based fees.