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Tripled Monthly eCommerce Revenue in November with a 400% Advertising Return

Industry: Wine, Food & Beverage

Services: Website Design, Facebook & Google Ads, Email Marketing, Ad Creatives

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Due to COVID-19, restaurants and many physical stores shut down, which caused revenue loss.


Build an online store, build an email list, launch Facebook and Google ads and scale with eCommerce.


Built a high converting online store, sold 9000+ products, tripled average monthly eCommerce revenue, increased customer lifetime value.

Converting customer loyalty and brand awareness into eCommerce revenue.

Gere & Schubert is a new-generation winery that produces light, fresh, and fragrant wines. The winery established a loyal customer base through its growing retail coverage over the last ten years but needed to convert that loyalty and awareness into eCommerce revenue and repeat business.

The winery also wanted to gain new customers while delivering high-quality wines door-to-door at an affordable price.

Interactic Media helped Gere & Schubert meet these objectives and tripled its average monthly eCommerce revenue during Black Friday with a 400% advertising return.

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About Gere & Schubert

Gere & Schubert is a new-generation winery that produces light, fresh and fragrant wines in Hungary’s famous Villány wine region.

Villány used to be recognised for its excellent red wines. However, the region’s climate is ideal for producing great white and rosé wines, and that’s where the founders found a gap in the market. That encouraged them to create a brand that makes easy-to-drink, fresh whites and rosés.

Within a few years, Gere & Schubert established a loyal customer base and brand reputation in Hungary. However, in 2021, due to COVID-19, it was finally time for them to expand to the online world, providing their customers with smooth online shopping and door-to-door delivery experiences.


Launching an eCommerce store from scratch for a wine brand in Hungary is challenging. Their wines are available in almost every grocery store at a very affordable price in a very competitive and price-sensitive market.

Gere & Schubert is owned and managed by a small team. Without their team having any online marketing experience, finding third-party support is difficult. The owners of Gere & Schubert needed an eCommerce marketing agency that shared their passion and vision and could work independently.

At Interactic Media, we know how hard they worked to get to where they are today. We are dedicated to helping their business grow consistently and profitably while focusing on their brand values.


Gere & Schubert makes excellent affordable wines and has a strong brand and a loyal customer base. However, after their wines were available in almost every retail chain in Hungary, they needed a new strategy to maintain growth.

We explained how important it is to have an eCommerce store (especially during COVID-19) and an eCommerce strategy, which can be frustrating to navigate alone, but they didn’t need to worry. They had our support from the beginning.

We designed and built a fast, customer-friendly eCommerce store, developed an eCommerce strategy, and automated their email marketing. Our first email campaign made HUF 140,000 (open rate: 63.6%, click rate: 40.5%, placed order: 2.8%). The owners were excited, and so were we! But there was more to come.


1. eCommerce Profit Analysis: The Foundation of Growth

We analysed Gere & Schubert’s variable costs (average order value, cost of goods (COGs), shipping cost, payment processor fees, etc.) to identify errors and areas of opportunity. This analysis is the foundation for sustainable growth.

2. Omni-Channel eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Developing a winning eCommerce marketing strategy takes a great understanding of your ideal customers. It also needs preparation, structure and an effective workflow.

→ Ads That Speak To A Targeted Audience

We couldn’t miss how important it is to identify ideal customer personas and craft targeted messaging for each stage of the customer journey.

Turning people–who never heard about your brand–into loyal customers is like meeting strangers and becoming friends with them. You can’t treat them as a friend when you first meet them. They don’t know you, so they need to learn more about you before you can earn their trust.

On the other hand, your loyal customers are in a relationship with your brand, so don’t treat them like strangers. That can offend them.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to speak to your prospects and have the right messaging for every stage of the customer journey.

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→ Planning and Strategising Omni-Channel Growth

We aimed to develop a conversion-focused strategy to:

  • acquire new customers,
  • turn loyal customers into eCommerce revenue,
  • keep new and existing customers happy,
  • encourage repeat business to increase customer lifetime value.

3. Implementing Our Strategy Built For Growth

After a few days of planning, we started to execute the new omnichannel eCommerce marketing strategy.

Here are some of the main components we used:

  • Website design and build to deliver a high-converting eCommerce store with a fast and smooth shopping experience to Gere & Schubert.
  • Running Facebook and Google ads that speak to a targeted audience to generate interest.
  • Lead generation strategy that utilises intriguing offers and pop-up forms to collect email addresses.
  • Automated email campaigns to get the most out of Gere & Schubert’s email list and increase email-driven sales. These included welcome email series to new leads, post-purchase emails to new and repeat customers, and abandoned checkout reminder emails (email series usually containing 3-6 emails).
  • Sending four email campaigns per month to their email list. Emails include a weekly newsletter, educational content, and selected product promotions.

4. Optimisation and Growth: Maximising Growth with Omni-Channel Advertising and Email Marketing

Launching and successfully growing an eCommerce store in the very competitive wine industry was no easy task. However, we were finally ready to scale after learning more about the brand and its customers.

We crafted an eCommerce growth strategy and developed all the necessary assets. We ran advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. 

In addition, we took advantage of segmented email sequences to increase customer retention.

Our 90-Day Timeline

Day 1 - 7

Onboarding and Planning

  • eCommerce profit analysis
  • Creating omnichannel eCommerce marketing strategy
    • Identifying ideal customer personas & crafting targeted messaging for each stage of the customer journey
    • Planning and strategising the growth process

Day 8 - 21

Asset Development

  • Website design and build: Shopify powered store with Debutify theme
  • Copywriting for website (home page, product pages, pop-up forms), email automation, Facebook and Google ad creatives
  • Setup of Klaviyo account (email marketing software) and email automation series
  • Designing email templates (based on branding guidelines), ad creatives
  • Technical implementations (e.g. website conversion tracking, data connections, reporting sheets/softwares, etc.)

Day 22 - 60

Campaign Launch

  • Website launch with an email blast to the pre-launch email list
  • Email automation launch (3 essential sequences)
  • Evergreen advertising campaigns setup and launch
  • Omni-channel prospecting and remarketing campaigns

Day 61 - 90

eCommerce Growth

  • Reviewing eCommerce sales after the first month
  • Data-driven analysis of performance, analysing ad copies and customer behaviour
  • Working closely with Gere & Schubert to ensure they can keep up with orders, also providing our support during this exciting period
  • Introducing new additional email sequences to increase customer lifetime value
  • Weekly email marketing campaigns

Day 91+

Optimisation and Growth

  • Analysing first quarter's success and making smarter decisions based on our available data
  • Planning strategy and campaigns for next quarter
  • Further optimisation to maintain profitable and consistent growth


We started with a good and efficient working relationship built on mutual trust. That way, Gere & Schubert’s team could focus on customer service, making great wines, and doing what they do best—making their customers happy.

Effectively mixing customer acquisition (getting new customers) and retention (keeping them) resulted in consistent growth and profitability.

After 1 year of working with Interactic Media

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